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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Limited Edition For Japan Comes With Four Figures



Capcom gave us a look at the latest trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, along with its new flagship monster. With the game headed for release on October 11 in Japan, they revealed a look at what comes with e-Capcom’s store exclusive limited edition.


2014-07-15_013254 2014-07-15_013324 

The above is a look at what’s included in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s limited edition through the e-Capcom website.


It includes four action figures featuring a male Hunter decked out in Gore Magala gear and his Felyne, along with a Kirin geared female Hunter and her Felyne companion. Each figure also includes their respective weapons, as well.



The set also comes with one out of ten different mini-mascot plushies. The limited edition wll set you back 8,990 yen plus tax.


Meanwhile, pre-orders for the standard version also includes one of the ten mini mascot plushies for 5,800 yen when purchased from e-Capcom. For those who only want the action figures alone, they can be purchased for 5,800 yen plus tax, here.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is slated for release on October 11, 2014 in Japan and early 2015 in the West.

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