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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate And Smash Bros. To Get “New Nintendo 3DS” Bundles In Japan



Nintendo had quite a lot to announce during this morning’s Nintendo 3DS Direct, with the big surprise being their New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL systems. The two systems have more CPU power, better battery life and stereoscopic 3D that doesn’t distort when you view it at an angle.


Eventually, these two systems will get exclusive games, including a version of Xenoblade Chronicles, Monolith Soft’s fantastic RPG for the Wii. But before those come along, how do Nintendo plan to sell the New Nintendo 3DS systems in Japan? Answer: with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Smash Bros.



This morning, Nintendo announced a special New Nintendo 3DS bundle that comes with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Japan.  It will be one of the first limited edition models for the new handheld series, and will release simultaneously with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on October 11, 2014  for 25,600 yen (about $246.22).


Nintendo were keen to point out that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and even this December’s Final Fantasy Explorers will both take advantage of the New Nintendo 3DS’ second analog stick, even though you don’t require it to play either game. Capcom and Square Enix have been in on the secret for a while.



Additionally, Super Smash Bros. will also get a New 3DS XL model. In the case of the Smash Bros. model, the official  website indicates that it won’t include the game, and it will release sometime in November, just a couple months after the release of the game in Japan.


The design looks like the same as the limited edition 3DS XL model that will be included with the game’s release.


Both hardware bundles should ensure a fairly good start for the New Nintendo 3DS once the system is available in the Japanese market.

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