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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Latest DLC Brings A Challenge From A Felyne



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Monster Hunter Felynes are always there to help out the Hunters, but in the second episode quest for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, it’ll be the Hunters who’ll need to help out this cat named Nekote. Here’s a look at the task taht awaits.



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The first request from Nekote is to take out the venomous Bird Wyvern, Yian Garuga. In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, he’s one of the monsters that can be found at the Unknown Forest, an area that keeps changing.


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The next request from Nekote is to take on the giant Akantor. Those of you who’ve fought these big boys before know how much troublesome they can be, and to top it off, Nekote’s quest will give you less time than usual to beat it.


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Finally, the third part will have you face off against Ukanlos, the enormous Flying Wyvern with ice attributes, you know, just in case the Akantor wasn’t enough massive monster hunting for you. This one also has a lower time limit as well.


The first two parts require you to be of HR 4 or higher to take on, and the one against Ukanlos is set for players that are HR 7 and above. The first two can only be completed once, while the third one is repeatable.


Additionally, Capcom announced that the other DLC quests made short episodes featuring familiar faces, will be available to download on November 14, 2014 in Japan. These quests don’t have any pricing for them, so appears to be free content.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will release sometime in early 2015 in the West for Nintendo 3DS.

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