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Monster Hunter 4’s Gore Magala Enters Gaist Crusher God



The Gaist Crusher series is all about collaborations, and it comes as no surprise to see it collaborate with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Gaist Crusher God. Below are some of the monsters and gear based off Monster Hunter 4 in the game.



As part of Gaist Crusher God’s collaboration with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the game is getting several popular monsters from the hunting series and giving their names a “Gaist” twist like the “Gaimagala,” which looks like a mechanized version of the Gore Magala.


005 006


The above is a look at the fearsome Go— er, Gaimagala in Gaist Crusher God form.


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013 014

While Gaist Crusher God isn’t exactly a hunting game, it wouldn’t be a proper collaboration with one if they didn’t have armor and weapons to match the respective monsters in the game. The above screenshots show off some of the Gaimagala equipment.


016 017

Let’s not forget Monster Hunter’s longtime trademark wyvern, Rathalos! The collaboration also has one for Rathalos, with the ice-based “Alpha Gaireusu” [Rathalos is named Rioreusu in Japanese].



019 020

Its equipment even looks like the Rathalos set we all love, including the a greatsword-looking weapon.


021 022


024 025

They even have one for the Silver Rathalos with the “Silver Gaireusu”.


026 027

028 029

These Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate collaboration Gaist monsters are said to be quite the tough foes, and you’ll need to put together all your buddies and forces to take them on. Upon defeating them, you can also acquire their Gaist Medals.


Gaist Crusher God is slated for release in Japan on September 4, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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