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Monster Hunter 4’s Latest Monster Screenshots Are Burning Hot


Earlier today, we reported a new Volcanic Cavern map that was revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu, that also showed some familiar monsters from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Capcom gives us a closer look at this hot new map, along with some screenshots of the diabolical oldies from previous games.


As the name implies, the Volcanic Cavern is a map with volcanic surroundings in an underground cave, featuring areas running with a molten lava river.



It is said that the map has taken its figure as a result of constant eruptions from the volcano above. Similar to the Volcano maps in previous Monster Hunter games, there will be plenty of rare ores to find here. You may even encounter some Mole-like creatures who dwell in the area, who seem to be very knowledgeable on the subject of minerals.




The above images are a look at the Elder Dragon Teostra, also known as the Flame King Dragon. Its constant fire aura and ability to cause explosions from its highly flammable powder will make it tough for Hunters to fight it close-ranged. Additionally, it can also shoot fire beams to those who choose to attack from a distance.



Gravios shows Teostra that it’s not the only one in the Volcanic Cavern capable of shooting fire beams. In addition to its very tough body, it will also be using its sleep-inducing gas to give Hunters a hard time.





Unlike its mature form, Gravios, the juvenile Basarios will also appear outside the Volcanic Cavern. It disguises itself as a pile of rocks, and comes out when any potential prey approaches. In addition to the sleeping gas, it can also release a poisonous gas, and can hurl balls of fire.




And here’s a closer look at the pesky Iodrome. In one of above pictures, it shows an Iodrome stomping a Hunter while its Ioprey minions appear to be joining in on the attack.


Monster Hunter 4 is slated for release in Japan on September 14th for Nintendo 3DS.


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