Nintendo 3DS

Monster Hunter 4’s New Weapon Is The Charge Axe



Capcom recently teased us with a silhouette of a large weapon with three prongs from Monster Hunter 4. This has been revealed as the Charge Axe.


The Charge Axe may look like a powerful weapon at first glance, but that’s not all. It can split between two modes: Sword Mode and Axe Mode.


In Sword Mode, players will hold a shield on the right hand and sword on the left. They can use the shield to guard, while using the sword for speedy attacks and combos. In this mode, players can charge energy from accumulated hits to releases a sword and shield combined charge attack.


Players can gauge how much energy has been charged by taking a look at the bottle hanging on the hilt. When it starts glowing yellow, Charge Axe users can perform a charge attack. This can be taken to a higher level by attacking more to change it to a red glow, for a maximum damage charge attack! It is possible to continue attacking while switching to Axe Mode.


Axe Mode will have an advantage in power and reach, with an even stronger charge attack. Its regular attacks will have a powerful finisher that can stun the enemy. It will also be possible for players to continue attacking in Axe Mode while switching to Sword Mode.


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