Monster Hunter Bauhutte Kigurumi Lets You Look Like a Felyne

Monster Hunter Felyne Onesie

Capcom is sellingMonster Hunter Kigurumi (onesie) that makes you look like the game’s Felyne companions. It is part of a collaboration with Japanese clothing and gaming brand Bauhutte. It is available via the e-Capcom store in Japan, and costs ¥19,910 (about $169).

The onesie comes in a total of three sizes: M, L, and XL. The M size is fit for heights from 155 to 165 cm (5’0 to 5’4), L will fit 165 to 175 cm (5’4 to 5’7) and XL will fit 175 to 185 cm (5’7 to 6’0). The entire body is made of polyester microfibers and can be put in the washer. The onesie’s front pattern resembles a Felyne’s signature pawprint belly, and the mittens feature pink cat paw prints. The backside also has a short Felyne tail and the hood has little cat ears.

The onesie isn’t just for show, though. In addition to multiple pockets and double zippers, the kigurumi is equipped with removable slippers. The mittens also allow the user to take their entire hand out or just their thumbs. If it’s cold, the onesie also comes with a mask portion that zips all the way up to keep your face warm. Finally, the backside features a special zipper specifically for going to the toilet.

You can get a better look at the Monster Hunter Felyne kigurumi in the screenshots below.

The Monster Hunter Bauhutte onesie is available via the e-Capcom store in Japan, as well as participating physical Capcom stores. The onesie comes in three sizes and costs ¥19,910 (about $169). The latest game in the franchise, Monster Hunter Rise, is also available to play on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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