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Monster Hunter Diary DX Shows How You Can Interact With Other Players



Monster Hunter Diary DX is all about developing your own Felyne village while going on quests with dozens of Felynes and raising baby monsters. The official website updates with some new information on how you can interact with other players.



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The Courier Felyne is known for his services and also liking apples. He’s the one you’ll want to speak with when sending mail to other people’s villages with the Nintendo 3DS.


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You’ll have a pamphlet with your village information on it, which gets traded with other players. Once they take it via local connectivity, you’ll get to interact with them through StreetPass. From there, you’ll get to see their names and the number of friends they have.


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You’ll also receive the other player’s pamphlet, which tells you information on how their village development has been coming along, and their friendship level with Felynes.


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The Felynes registered through a pamphlet will occasionally come visit the nesting grounds, where you keep baby monsters. They’ll also bring along their own monster babies, and you can get items by interacting with them. Just look at those baby Wyverns!


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There will also be moments where you’ll get collaboration costumes from special quests available through downloads.



Some of the collaboration costumes include Super Mario Bros. and Animal Crossing outfits, or even the recently revealed V-Jump collaboration based on the Jump comic’s pirate logo.


Monster Hunter Diary DX will release in Japan on September 10, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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