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Monster Hunter Diary DX’s Baby Tigrex Is As Cute As He’ll Ever Be



Capcom and From Software are working on Monster Hunter Diary DX, a Nintendo 3DS version of the PSP title, where you’ll play as Felynes from the hunting series, while partaking in different activities with monsters. The latest trailer shows us more from the game.



After showing the Felynes chillin’ out, the video starts out with an introduction of Felyne Village, starting with how you’ll start out by making friends. The first Felyne they show seems to have lost his Poogie, and wants help finding it.


By completing various requests from other Felynes, they’ll become your friends. Once you become friends with them, their facilities become available for use. For example, the Poogie Park is where you’ll get to participate in races.


Other Felynes will have facilities such as farms, fishing areas, bug-catching, mining, and more. The old cat lady is back, and she says that there are over 100 Felynes to befriend in Monster Hunter Diary DX.


At 1:45, they show us a bit more on the Exploration Quests, where the Felynes will group up by the number and take on monsters like Rathalos, Lagiacrus, Seregios, Gore Magala, and more. Next, we get a look at the new area located under a tree, where you’ll get to interact with baby monsters.



While out on Exploration Quests, you’ll come across some eggs. They can be placed in the nest in this area and eventually hatch into a baby monster. Even the rage-fueled Tigrex looks adorable when he’s not out trying to trample, claw, and chomp you into pieces.


The trailer then shows us some collaboration characters with the Mario and Tom Nook Felynes, a fortunetelling feature, and a look at some costume sets and Guild Card customizations. And finally, a look at some of the StreetPass features, and local co-op with four players.


Monster Hunter Diary DX is slated for release in Japan on September 10, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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