Monster Hunter Explore Adds Martial Arts to Weapons



Monster Hunter Explore, a spin-off Monster Hunter title for iOS & Android, is adding abilities called “Martial Arts” to each of the game’s weapons. Six of these martial arts are shown in a brief preview for the game, posted below. The video showcases two different abilities on the Great Sword, Bowgun, and Hunting Horn.


The Great Sword’s two abilities are called Red-Hot Slash and White Snow Slash. As the names imply, the attack deals a great amount of Fire or Ice elemental damage, respectively, from a distance. Bowguns gets an ability called Landslide, a thrust attack which lowers a monster’s defense, as well as an ability called Corrosion that poisons a monster.


Finally, Hunting Horn gets an area-of-effect healing move called Paradise, and another move called Expert that raises your hunting party’s attack.