Monster Hunter Explore Focuses On The Adventures Of A New Island



Last year, Monster Hunter Smart, a mobile version of the hunting game series with a few RPG elements, was released on iOS devices in Japan. Capcom have revealed the “reborn” version of the game with Monster Hunter Explore, which will be for both iOS and Android platforms.



Monster Hunter Explore is a mix of hunting RPG action with exploration, and takes place on Markja Island that is filled with all kinds of ancient monster history and treasures. Hunters gathered on this island to find treasures hidden in the ruins of the island.



Like always, the Guild Sweetheart will be present to support Hunters on their exploration and hunts by providing quests. She might be a little careless at times, but she knows quite a lot about ruins and monsters. More than anything, she loves her job of helping hard-working Hunters.



The Senior Hunter is a passionate high-class Hunter. He’s known for his skills, but lately, he has begun to see a limit to how much he can accomplish on his own, and has been looking for a new partner.



Markja Island is home to various terrains that are waiting to be explored by the new Hunters. The further you go, the more undiscovered lands you’ll discover, which also features some monsters that even the locals have yet to see.


Here’s a look at a few familiar monsters on the island, that some of you veteran Hunters may be familiar with:


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While out exploring, Hunters can acquire mysterious lithography fragments.


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It is said that those who can find all the pieces, will be led to the legendary treasure, and there are new places to explore, only for those who manage to acquire the treasure.


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Similar to Monster Hunter Smart, Monster Hunter Explore is a free-to-play mobile game with micro-transactions, and will launch on Android and iOS sometime in 2015.

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