Monster Hunter Explore Shows How To Use All 12 Weapons In The Game



Monster Hunter Explore is a light hunting action smartphone title from the series, that focuses more on the exploring around while using simple commands to hunt down monsters. 4Gamer shares a look at all the weapons in the game, along with a trailer to showcase them all.


Great Sword:


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A powerful weapon that specializes in charged attacks. Can also guard for best of both world when it comes to offense and defense.


Long Sword:



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Using its reach and combos, the Long Sword can dish out some damage against monsters.


Sword and Shield:



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Can use items such as potions and traps. They also have a a Shield Bash move to stun monsters.


Dual Blades:



021 022

Can do explosive damage using its Demonization mode, with multiple powerful hits as part of their Demon Dance ability.





023 024

Using charged attacks, they can hit monsters on the head to stun them. They have multiple levels of charging as part of their attacks.


Hunting Horn:



025 026

Depending on the type of music they play, various beneficial effects will be provided to the party. In order to keep the effects going, they’ll also need to continue hitting monsters.





027 028

A weapon that has a special “Counter Attack” feature and high guarding abilities. Counter Attack can be very powerful depending on the timing of when it is used.





029 030

A powerful weapon that can dish out some damage with its “Wyvern’s Fire” attack. Loading shells will be the key to doing more damage.


Switch Axe:



031  032

Switching from axe to sword, and sword to axe is its trademark feature. Depending on the situation, you’ll get to aim for landing strong hits with both weapon modes.


Light Bowgun:



033 034

Using speedy shots from mid range, Light Bowgunners can easily aim for specific parts of monsters. Timing their reloads will be key to using this weapon.


Heavy Bowgun:


035 036

Using their “Charge Shot,” they can do massive damage from a distance. Carefully moving around and getting shots in will be the key to using the Heavy Bowgun.





037 038

Depending on the angle and distance from the monster, the number of arrows that can be show with the Bow will vary. Since the arrows auto-target the monster, they say that it’s one of the easier weapons to use.


Monster Hunter Explore will release in Japan sometime in 2015 for Android and iPhone.

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