Monster Hunter Explore Trailer Shows Us A Glimpse Of Its Vast Fields



Monster Hunter Explore is capcom’s upcoming smartphone title that offers light hunting action with simple commands and more focus on exploring its lands. The latest trailer for the game shows us a glimpse of its vast fields.


Unlike the traditional Monster Hunter games, Monster Hunter Explore mixes up some of the action with RPG elements and plenty of exploration. It takes place on Markja Island, where you’ll discover the ancient history of monsters and all kinds of hidden treasure.


Since it’s a smartphone game, Capcom have been developing the game to have simple controls, so players won’t have to worry about the series’ more technical aspects and can enjoy a “lite” action while exploring the island.


We previously got a look at the game’s 12 weapons, and while they’re all familiar ones we’ve seen in past titles, they all have one-button commands, along with special attacks and other actions.


The video shows us a look at some of the fields of Markja Island, which features various terrains that Hunters will get to explore. The more undiscovered lands you explore, the more monsters you’ll encounter, including some that the locals have yet to even see.


Monster Hunter Explore is scheduled to launch this fall in Japan for Android and iPhone.

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