PlayStation 3

Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite Free This Week For PlayStation Plus Members



If you happen to be a PlayStation Plus member and never tried a Monster Hunter game now’s the time. Sony Computer Entertainment will be hooking up PlayStation Plus members with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for free, starting March 25th for PlayStation Vita.


While Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite was originally for the PSP, the game still offers hundreds of hours of monster hunting gameplay, where you’ll be taking on beasts of different types and sizes to acquire up to 1,400 weapons and over 2,000 armor sets.


The core of the game lies within its ad-hoc four player multiplayer, that allows you and your buddies to team up and take on the likes of Rathalos, Tigrex and many others.


Additionally, PSN will be discounting BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma pre-orders at $44.99 for regular members and $40.49 for PlayStation Plus members. Keep in mind that physical copies will be released on March 25 in North America, while PSN will be distributing the digital version starting April 1st, 2014 for PlayStation 3.


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