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Monster Hunter Frontier Felynes Meet PlayStation Mascots Toro And Kuro



    The PlayStation cat mascots Toro and Kuro from Doko Demo Issyo and the Felynes from Monster Hunter have all been quite the popular throughout the years, and they’ll finally come together in an upcoming Monster Hunter Frontier collaboration.



    This year is the Monster Hunter series’ 10th anniversary, and it’s also Doko Demo Issyo’s 15th, so the upcoming collaboration actually works out pretty nicely. The video shows how Toro and his buddy Kuro will appear as humorous weapons in the online game.


    While the Hunters are going wild with their Toro and Kuro equipment, one of them gets a little carried away and blasts off a poor Felyne, which results in a horde of Felynes running after the Hunter. Let’s be nice to the Felynes!


    Monster Hunter Frontier has had quite a number of collaborations, but Toro also had another one recently with an unexpected horror collaboration with Siren.

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