Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Frontier Z, which originally launched as Monster Hunter Frontier Online back in 2007, will end its service this December after 12 years of service in Japan.


Monster Hunter Frontier Z will end its service on December 18, 2019. Capcom deeply apologizes for the sudden announcement to all fans that continued cherishing the game.


While the company felt that they’ve been able to provide a satisfactory service since its initial launch on July 5, 2007, they decided that it would be difficult to continue moving forward so it was decided to end its service. They thank all fans that supported monster Hunter Frontier Z from the bottom of their hearts.


Until the service officially ends on December 18, 2019, Monster Hunter Frontier Z will carry on with its in-game events as usual.


For now, here’s some gameplay footage showing a fight against the sick Blinking Nargacuga in Monster hunter Frontier Z:


Monster Hunter Frontier Z is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PC in Japan.

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