Monster Hunter Frontier ZZ Shows Off The New Magnet Spike Weapon’s Actions and New Monsters

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Capcom has uploaded a whole bunch of videos that shows off every action the Magnet Spike weapon has to offer, and has also shown off two of the new Zenith monsters that are jumping into the fray. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


New Monsters

Zenith Gravios

gravimos 1

gravimos 2

gravimos 3

A new variation of the Gravios has been discovered which has developed the ability to store a higher amount of heat energy than regular specimens can. It then vents all the heat at once through openings on its back and stomach.


Gravios Z Series armor

gravimos 4


Zenith Baruragaru

baruragaru 1

baruragaru 2

baruragaru 3

As a blood-drinking dragon, this type of Baruragaru has developed to become more efficient at its task. Not only is the tip of its tongue now spiked, its entire head has developed to become an extension of its jaw.


Barura Z Series armor

baruragaru 4

Other new features in Monster Hunter Frontier ZZ:

  • G Rank limit will be increased to 999.
  • An even harder difficulty than Hard Mode, Unlimited Mode, will be added. Only Hunters who have reached GR999 can challenge this difficulty.


Magnet Spike

magnet spike 2 magnet spike 3

A new Frontier-original weapon that can switch between Slash Mode and Smash Mode, the Magnet Spike’s main gimmick is its ability to close distances and retreat at high speeds using magnets. It’s a heavy weapon that doesn’t feel like any other heavy weapon at all.


magnet spike 4

By continuously attacking, you charge up Magnet Energy within the Magnet Spike. Once you reach a certain amount of charged energy, you enter a Magnet Strengthen state which increases your attack, and more.


1. Slash Mode actions


2. Smash Mode actions


3. Magnet Charge & Magnet Retreat


4. Magnet Evade (Slash Mode)

In Slash Mode, you can use the Magnet Evade to the left or right, do a Magnet Double Slash forwards, or a Retreating Slash backwards.


5. Magnet Evade (Smash Mode)

In Smash Mode, you can do the Magnet Evade left or right, or a Magnet Double Swing forwards. After a Magnet Evade, you can do a Magnet Shockwave afterwards.


6. Magnet Assault


7. Guard Actions

In Slash Mode, you can perform a Guard Counter, while in Smash Mode, you can do a Critical Guard and perform a Guard Assault right afterwards.


8. Magnet Hold

magnet spike 5 magnet spike 6

While attacking a monster with the Magnet Spike, you also magnetize the monster, and when you reach a certain amount, you can use the Magnet Hold to bind the monster down. Mash the button to extend the amount of time you hold down the monster, and then finish it off with the Finishing Action!



Monster Hunter Frontier Z is playable on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PC. The Monster Hunter Frontier ZZ update is coming on September 26, 2018.

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