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Monster Hunter Frontier ZZ’s Magnet Spike Lets You Fly Back And Forth With Magnetism


magnet spike

While Monster Hunter Frontier ZZ isn’t an anime, the new Magnet Spike weapon type that is being added in this large-scale update coming in September certainly looks like something out of one. Capcom fully revealed the new weapon in a video that came out this week.


The Magnet Spike is a heavy melee weapon that can transform between a crescent axe form, and a giant mallet form that can do blunt damage. Despite looking large and unwieldy, Hunters are able to shoot magnets onto the monsters in order to zip to and away from the monsters.


Check out the weapon in action in the video below:


Monster Hunter Frontier Z is playable on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PC. The Monster Hunter Frontier ZZ update is coming on September 26, 2018.

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