Monster Hunter Is Getting A Smooth Jazz Soundtrack Arrangement



While Capcom announced that they’re working on a heavy metal soundtrack arrangement for the Devil May Cry series, the Mosnter Hunter series is getting something more mellow with a jazz arrangement album. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


The Monster Hunter Jazz album will feature various musicians from the United States, as part of a “moody” arranged jazz album for the hunting series, and they say that it will have a bit of a different adult charm to it than usual, so you jazzhead Monster Hunter fans will have something to look forward to.


Ryta Fuse who has worked on the Monster  Hunter series’ manga and novels will illustrate the art for the album, and you can see a sample of it on the top image.


The Monster Hunter Jazz album will release in September 16, 2015. Maybe we can get to hear a mellowed out version of the Tigrex theme by then!

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