Monster Hunter Karuta Set Will Come With a CD Containing Roars

Monster Hunter Great Roar Karuta

People in Japan will be able to play Karuta card games with a Monster Hunter twist. Universal Music Japan opened pre-orders for the Monster Hunter: Great Roar Karuta set in Japan. It will include a CD that lets players guess cards based on monster roars.

This card set is based on the Uta-garuta game rules. Players would race to obtain a suitable card after a game master has read the description for a card. The Monster Hunter version will have players guess and find cards containing the game’s monsters or iconic scenes, such as steak cooking. The monster list will include Malzeno, the flagship monster of the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Great Roar Karuta will come with two CDs containing guide voices. The Japanese voice actor Tomokazu Sugita will act as the game master as he narrates the card descriptions in both CDs. One of them will have additional music and monster roars taken directly from Capcom’s games. Monster Hunter experts will be able to play the Karuta game by only listening to the roars or musical cues.

The latest mainline hunting action game released to date is Monster Hunter Rise, available on Nintendo Switch and PC. Capcom will release the Sunbreak expansion on the same platforms simultaneously worldwide on June 30, 2022.

Monster Hunter: Great Roar Karuta will be available in Japan at 5,490 yen (~$43) on July 22, 2022.

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