Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has already been out in Japan for about two months now, but Capcom have been releasing free DLC with special quests for the game. Even more surprising (and smart) is how they’re actually releasing TV commercials for the game’s downloadable content in Japan, which lets people know it’s being supported beyond release.



The first commercial is about an episode quest DLC where you’ll get to meet up with the Guild Sweetheart from Yukumo village of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. You can read more about that one and Nyanjiro, the badass Felyne in our earlier report.



The second commercial is from another episode quest, where you’ll get a request from your Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate partners in Kayamba and Cha-Cha, who seem to have gotten themselves in trouble, again.


This isn’t the first time that Capcom have done smart things with Monster Hunter ads. Celebrities in Japan have endorsed Monster Hunter on several occasions, like international soccer superstar, Keisuke Honda, who plays with teammates during their travels, and he also personally appeared in a commercial for Monster Hunter 4. Meanwhile, the Japanese comedy duo, America Zarigani, are also well-known for being avid Monster Hunter fans, and have appeared on TV shows to demonstrate the game, and also in official livestreams.


While we’ve recently been seeing TV ads for mobile games in the United States, it’s still quite something to see DLC get its own spotlight between television programs. One other recent example of this is Mario Kart 8. Nintendo have been marketing the DLC Packs for that game as well.

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