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Monster Hunter Rise Concept Art Features Hinoa and Minoto

Monster Hunter Rise Concept Art Hinoa Minito

Capcom has released more Monster Hunter Rise concept art images, both of which feature Hinoa and Minoto. Previous concept art had revealed various information regarding the conceptualization of monsters like the Tetranadon and Magnamalo. However, this series of images focus on the community of Kamura Village and feature a handful of major NPCs the player encounters during the story.

The first piece of concept art features Minoto. She looks up at the falling cherry blossoms while holding a Palico. A Palamute sits beside her. The second piece of Monster Hunter Rise concept art features both Hinoa and Minoto. This time, Master Utsushi, Iori, and Yomogi have joined them. You can see the group enjoying a light meal of dango beneath cherry blossom trees.

Capcom has released a series of paid DLC in Monster Hunter Rise which allows players to use voice tracks associated with major NPCs. This includes Hinoa, Minoto, Master Utsushi, and Elder Fugen. Other paid DLC includes access to more hairstyles, stickers, and even background music from other Monster Hunter titles.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch. Currently, a PC version of the game is in development and scheduled to release sometime in early 2022.

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