Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher Layered Armor

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Obtain Outfit Vouchers for Layered Armor

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With the Monster Hunter Rise Version 2.0 update, layered armor has been added to the game. However, making layered armor is a little more complicated than players may initially expect. Players will need to obtain specific monster parts and Outfit Vouchers to make layered armor in Monster Hunter Rise. And just like the Kamura Tickets obtained by doing Village specific missions, these Outfit Vouchers can be hard to come by. However, this guide will break down the fastest and most efficient ways to obtain Outfit Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise.

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How to Obtain Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Vouchers for Layered Armor

Obtaining Outfit Vouchers may seem complicated at first, but once you understand how to get them, you will be able to farm them with ease. Like quickly boosting your Hunter Rank, Rampage Quests will yield the largest amount of Outfit Vouchers. However, these tickets can still be obtained through regular hunts as well. That being said, you will not obtain as many Outfit Vouchers as quickly if you decide to go that route.

Additionally, regarding using Outfit Vouchers to create layered armor sets may require certain monster parts. Players will be required to obtain these parts before being able to craft specific sets. However, some armor sets will only require a specific amount of Outfit Vouchers to craft. You’ll need to look at the individual armor set to determine what you’ll need to craft your layered armor.

Wondering how to unlock weapon skills? We’ve written a guide breaking down them down. Additionally, if you’re entirely new to the franchise, we wrote a guide that contains some helpful tips for beginners.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for Nintendo Switch, with a PC version of the game scheduled for release in early 2022.

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