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Monster Hunter Rise Mega Man Collaboration Turns Your Palamute Into Rush

Monster Hunter Rise Mega Man

The next collaboration in Monster Hunter Rise will turn Palamutes into Rush from Mega Man 11. Players will be able to unlock the new Palamute layered armor set through an event quest releasing on September 24, 2021.

Like the previous Akuma layered armor set from Street Fighter, the Rush layered armor will change the behavior and animations of your Palamute buddy. When players dismount from the Palamute, the animation will resemble the Rush Coil ability from Mega Man 11. Additionally, drifting while riding the Palamute will turn into the Rush Jet and give player’s a speed boost. Furthermore, Rush’s barks will replace the Palamute’s barks.

While there is currently no information about how to obtain the Rush layered armor set, if past collaboration event quests are any indication players will likely have to collect specific crafting materials through quests in order to create the armor. Capcom has another collaboration event quest set to release later this fall.

You can check out the Monster Hunter Rise Mega Man collaboration reveal trailer below:

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch. The Mega Man collaboration event quest will release on September 24, 2021. A PC version of the game is planned to release sometime in 2022.

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