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Monster Hunter Rise New Characters are Selva and Paz

Monster Hunter Rise Selva Paz

The official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter account revealed two new character voices that will appear in Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom will release voice pack DLC for both of them on February 24, 2022. The two new characters in Monster Hunter Rise are Selva and Paz. Selva is the Commander of the Chevaliers, and Paz is a pop-star turned deputy of the Chevaliers. Additionally, the official Monster Hunter website detailed the character creator options for those who would like to play as Paz or Selva in Monster Hunter Rise.

Short biographies for Selva and Paz are available to read through the official website. Additionally, Capcom released official renders of both characters and revealed who will voice them in Japanese. Shunsuke Takeuchi will voice Selva, and Yu Serizawa will voice Paz.

You can listen to the voice pack trailer for Paz below.

And the voice pack trailer for Selva as well.

You can take a look at the official renders for Selva and Paz below.

Outside of being the Commander of the Chevaliers, Selva is distantly related to the royal family. However, he isn’t interested in taking the throne. Selva is also known to be quite confident and a bit conceited. That said, he is also quite compassionate.

Paz is a pop-star turned Hunter. She rose to popularity due to her demeanor and her music, but she still manages to retain her youthful personality. However, behind that cheerful demeanor is a violent streak.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for Nintendo Switch and PC. Voice packs for Selva and Paz will be available to download on February 24, 2022. The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion will release in Summer 2022.

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