Monster Hunter Rise Spiribird and Cahoot Plushes Available to Pre-Order


Capcom is set to release Monster Hunter Rise Spiribird, Cahoot, and Almudron deformed plushes. Pre-orders for these plushes are currently available through the e-Capcom store. These are the latest addition to the already expansive deformed plush series, which features a plethora of monsters from the Monster Hunter series. The Monster Hunter Rise Spiribird, Cahoot, and Almudron plushes are scheduled to ship on August 26, 2021.

Consumers can get their hands on these miniature monsters for ¥2,750 or roughly $25, which is the same price as previously released plush toys. However, these items can only be purchased individually and not in a set. You can take a look at these three new deformed plushes below.

Other Monster Hunter Rise monsters that are part of this series of plushes include the Magnamalo, Tetranadon, Great Izuchi, and Aknosom. Additionally, consumers can get their hands on a special Kamura themed Palico and a minature deformed Palamute plush.

In the past, Capcom released other Monster Hunter plushes, that range from a wide variety of previous titles. This includes monsters from Monster Hunter World, and earlier entries in the series. These plushes include Kushala Daora, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Rathalos, Nargacuga, Velkhana, Rajang, Kirin, Teostra, Barioth, Beotodus, and Rathain. Some of these plushes are still available to purchase through the e-Capcom store, however many are sold out.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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