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Monster Hunter Rise Split Pad Pro Controller Revealed

Monster Hunter Rise Controller Split Pad Pro

Hori revealed a new Monster Hunter Rise design for its line of Split Pad Pro controllers. The Nintendo-licensed product replaces the standard Joy-Con and features larger buttons, grips, and a D-pad. The controller will release in Japan on April 26, 2021 and will cost 5,258 yen (including tax).

Using the game’s flagship monster, Magnamalo, as its motif, the Monster Hunter Rise Split Pad Pro controller is designed for both serious players or just those with larger hands. Compared to a standard Joy-Con, Hori’s bigger alternative features larger face buttons, sticks, shoulder buttons, and a D-pad. Additionally, there are programmable buttons on the rear, a turbo button, and assignable buttons too. Fans interested in buying the product should remember that it cannot be used wirelessly and does not have a gyro function built-in.

Though Hori only announced the controller for release in Japan so far, importing through places like Amazon is an option for overseas fans. Outside of Monster Hunter, Hori’s line of Split Pad Pro controller designs also feature characters like Pac-Man and Pikachu. The standard and Pikachu Hori Split Pad Pro controllers are available outside Japan.

Capcom will release both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 on the Nintendo Switch soon. It will hold three separate anniversary events in March 2021. There will be new information, gameplay, and even a Q & A with the Director.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. Fans can pre-order Hori’s Monster Hunter Rise Split Pad Pro controller on sites like Amazon.

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