Monster Hunter Smart Brings More RPG Elements To The Hunt


Earlier this month, we got a glimpse at Capcom’s upcoming smartphone game Monster Hunter Smart, a rather visually impressive Monster Hunter title that puts emphasis on hunting on the go. The official website updates us with the latest on how the game is played.



The above video is Capcom’s latest trailer for the game, which focuses on showing the ease of hunting with one hand, whenever and wherever. Unlike traditional Monster Hunter titles, we see more RPG elements, such as numbers indicating damage that appear after each hit.


Rather than getting most of your crafting material from boss fights, you’ll also be obtaining plenty of them by clearing quests. Additionally, there will also be various skills to use, which adds another touch of an RPG element to the hunting game.


If you’re wondering how an action-heavy Monster Hunter game could possibly be played with just one hand, let alone on a smartphone device, Monster Hunter Smart will have various automated systems. For example, weapons that have guarding abilities won’t require any commands. Additionally, gathering and attacking can be done by simply pressing the target on the screen.


Armor and weapons will still require materials to forge. This time, you’ll also have to put more consideration into their attribute type, as each weapon have its own skills, which are powered up by matching the attributes.


Capcom will be putting more of a social aspect into this Monster Hunter title as well, so you’ll actually have to rely on having good friends to succeed in Monster Hunter Smart. You can take up to two Hunting buddies with you on a quest, and certain monsters might require you to have some strong allies to take on. The type of quests will also vary.


Monster Hunter Smart will be coming out this fall on iOS platforms in Japan.

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