Monster Hunter Spirits Takes The Hunt To Arcades In Japan This June



Capcom and Marvelous are teaming up to make Monster Hunter Spirits, an arcade card game that aims to expand Monster Hunter’s appeal among more audiences. The developers have announced that the game will launch in late June.



In Monster Hunter Spirits, Hunters and monsters will team up to take out target monsters as part of the “tag hunting action” game. Gameplay revolves around using a stick and simple buttons to control the game, and players will get a short taste of the Monster Hunter games from it, too.


The amusement card game machine has a built-in printer, which will let you make your own unique monster card. The arcade title was originally planned for release in Spring 2015, but has been pushed back to sometime in the latter half of June 2015.


You can read more details on Monster Hunter Spirits and the collaboration between Capcom and Marvelous in our earlier report. Meanwhile, the game’s official website can be found here.

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