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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Developers Reveal Monster Behavior is No Longer Randomized

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Behavior

In an interview published in Famitsu Weekly‘s July 22 issue, Monster Hunter Stories 2 developers detailed key differences between the game and its previous title, including how monster behavior is no longer randomized. Additionally, the developers note that while Monsties will have varying strengths and weaknesses, players will still be able to complete the game using their starter Monsties if they wish.

As a turn-based, command RPG, getting out of fights unscathed in Monster Hunter Stories 2 requires predicting what attack your opponent will dish out next. As we noted in our review of the game, the combat features a rock-paper-scissors system that dictates who will win out in a head-to-head battle.

Director Kenji Oguro stated that in Monster Hunter Stories, the randomized element of monster behavior was not popular among players. Therefore, in Monster Hunter Stories 2 the team decided to scrap the randomized behavior entirely. Instead, each monster will have a behavioral pattern that allows players to more easily predict and counter enemy attacks; something Oguro believes to be the “core appeal” of the Monster Hunter series as a whole.

Furthermore, Oguro revealed that the team designed Monster Hunter Stories 2 to be “easily accessible” to a wide audience. The team specifically balanced Monstie abilities so that players can complete the game with the starter Monstie, Velocidrome. While each Monstie has its strengths, weaknesses, and genetic abilities, he stated that there isn’t much difference in terms of overall viability.

For those interested in more details, you can also check out Siliconera’s interview with the developers of Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will launch for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on July 9, 2021. A demo is currently available on the Nintendo Switch.

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