Monster Hunter Stories Details Its Story, Characters, And World Setting

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Monster Hunter Stories is an upcoming RPG title for the Nintendo 3DS, that will focus more on the storytelling aspect and the bond between the protagonist and friendly monsters. The game’s official website and this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provides the latest details. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


First, here’s what the story of the game is about:


Monster Hunter Stories begins in Rider Village, where the protagonist is given a “Bond Stone” after completing his trial and becoming a Rider. Together alongside his buddy Nabiru, a partner who also completed the trial, they embark on a journey to see the world outside the village.


However, there’s a disquieting shadow that approaches in the world. Mankind have began to notice a grave change in their daily lives and surroundings. Riders and Hunters will be tested with their entrusted roles, and the key lies within the Bond Stone and its hidden powers. The truth of the legend will soon be told.


Protagonist (male/female):



The protagonist was born in Rider Village. He/she is a bright, cheerful, and curious youth. After becoming Riders, he/she goes outside the village to travel the world they’ve been longing for.





A special Felyne who’ll join the protagonist on their adventure.


Senior Rider:



A compassionate and hot-blooded character. He’ll be around to give the protagonist all kinds of advice as his/her senior Rider.


Childhood Friend (Girl):



A cheerful and  energetic childhood friend of the protagonist.


Childhood Friend (Boy):



Similar to the protagonist, he also aims to become a Rider. He’s a kind and gentle boy.


Village Elder:



The Village Elder of Rider Village. He’s a Wyverian who kindly watches over the protagonist and the villagers. He also likes puns.


Felyne and Melynx:



The Felynes and Melynx are capable of understanding and connecting with humans.


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The above is a look at various fields that you’ll get to explore in the world of Monster Hunter Stories. Here are some details on other key areas of interest:


  • Hunter Town: a seaside town where Hunters gather. There are various markets, buildings, and even a Hunter Guild that is run by a Guild Master.


  • The Starting Field: plains that are full of nature with ancient ruins-like objects in the area. In addition to the steep valley located in the field, there are also large monsters that await.


Monster Hunter Stories will release in Japan in 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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