Monster Hunter Wedding Rings Feature Mizutsune and Magnamalo Designs

Monster Hunter U-Treasure Wedding Ring

Capcom will release a series of Monster Hunter themed wedding rings in collaboration with Japanese retailer and jeweler, U-Treasure. The inspiration for these designs will be based on the Mizutsune, Rajang, and the Magnamalo. Each inspired ring will come with its own unique stone with several different types of metal available to choose from. The Monster Hunter wedding rings are available to purchase through the U-Treasure storefront. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The Mizutsune ring will feature a pink tourmaline stone and a unique engraving based on the design of the soapy leviathan. The Magnamalo ring will have an amethyst, and just like the Mizutsune ring, it will feature an engraving based on its design. The Rajang ring will have an onyx with the monster’s signature horns engraved on the ring. The engravings and monster specific stones will be on the inside of the ring rather than on the outside.

Monster Hunter U-Treasure Wedding Rings

As mentioned previously, a several options will be available. This includes an 18 karat white gold, pink gold, yellow gold, and a white gold version with a black coating. These four versions will cost 88,000 yen or $798. Additionally, a platinum and yellow gold ring is available for 99,000 yen or roughly $897.

U-Treasure has collaborated with other popular brands in the past to release unique, themed jewelry. This has included several unique Pokemon inspired necklaces.

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