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Monster Hunter: World Brings Back Kulve Taroth, New Challenge Quests; Patch 4.01 Now Live



Capcom shared the latest Event Quest Schedule update and it comes with several new Challenge Quests and the return of Kulve Taroth. Patch 4.01 also went live with various adjustments.


Unfortunately we didn’t get a free pack of goodies that we’ve been getting for the past few weeks, but here are three new Challenge Quests that are now available to take on:


7 QuestDeviljho Slay Even


  • Locale: Rotten Arena
  • Requirements: HR 15 or higher
  • Objective: Slay a Deviljho
  • Availability: June 15 at 0:00 UTC to July 5  at 23:59 UTC


7 QuestWhat Lurks in the Forest


  • Locale: Ancient Forest
  • Requirements: HR 15 or higher
  • Objective: Slay all target monsters
  • Availability: June 15 at 0:00 UTC to July 5  at 23:59 UTC


8★ QuestThe Best of the Best


  • Locale: Arena
  • Requirements: HR 15 or higher
  • Objective: Slay all target monsters
  • Availability: June 15 at 0:00 UTC to July 5  at 23:59 UTC


Here’s the full schedule of Event Quests available through July 5, 2018:


And here are the patch notes from update 4.01 (PS4)/ (Xbox One) which went live yesterday, but the notes were published today due to delay from E3 2018:



Tempered Elder Dragon Investigations (4.00 /

  • With the addition of Lunastra and Teostra in update Ver. 4.00/, they have now also been added to the pool of Threat Level 3 investigations.


  • The draw chance for certain tempered elder dragon investigations have been revised.


  • All Threat Level 3 investigations now have an equal chance of having increased special reward slots. Originally, varying values were used to determine the number of special reward slots for each tempered elder dragon investigation, but these have all been matched to the value for Vaal Hazak, which was the highest.


  • Note:
    • You may see increased special reward slots for Threat Level 3 investigations that you possessed before this fix was applied in Ver. 4.00/
    • The chance for increased special reward slots for tempered Vaal Hazak has not changed.


General Matchmaking

  • The search conditions have been relaxed for the Online Session “Matchmake” search option. (If you are HR 100 or higher, “Matchmake” may put you in Online Sessions made by players between HR 100 and HR 999.)



  • The naming method for investigations in other languages has been changed to match the Japanese. Investigation names now include the main target in addition to the quest type (hunt, capture, or slay). Affected languages include: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. See comparison below:



BEFORE Ver. 4.01 /


AFTER Ver. 4.01 /



  • Mistakes were corrected in the Asian version text for Traditional Chinese and Russian customer support information.


Monster Hunter: World is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version arrives in Fall 2018.

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