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Monster Hunter: World Isn’t Making Drastic Gameplay Changes But Plenty Of QoL Improvements



Monster Hunter: World is the best-looking Monster Hunter we’ve seen but it mostly keeps its formula intact. Capcom recently shared more on some of its quality-of-life improvements, and more.


The following highlights are from a Game Spark play report from a recent Monster Hunter: World demonstration event that was held at Capcom’s Tokyo office.


  • The “meals” that increase all stats can now be eaten at the camp. This time around it won’t be Felynes cooking up your meals, but a receptionist.


  • Player and Felyne equipment is changeable at camp.


  • Fields have several camps, and players will get to start from any place.


  • A fast-travel feature will let you travel from the map to camp.


  • Stamina won’t decrease until you find a Large Monster. You practically get to run forever until you run into one.


  • The popular monster Rathalos was exceptionally difficult in the demonstration. His attack patterns are mostly the same from what we’ve seen in the series, but his movements look more realistic than ever.


  • The Insect Glaive will be different than before, as players will get to freely mix and match a staff and Kinsect of your choice. You’ll also be upgrading them separately.


  • Adjustments have been made for all weapons.


  • Capcom is currently on a completion check stage. Since there’s a lot of volume to the game, there are some parts that might need some extra adjustments after checking.


  • The developers want players to try out all kinds of weapons during quests, and to make this a possibility both melee and ranged weapons will share armor in Monster Hunter: World. However, there will be some differences between the two weapon types. Depending on the type of weapon you choose, you’ll have different characteristics. For example, melee weapon-users will have damage reduction added to their armor while gunners will have elemental damage reduction added to theirs.


  • PS4 Pro support won’t only be about the 4K resolution but there will also be options for improved framerates or better picture.


  • Players who join “Distress Signal Quests” online will see a balance in rewards when joining midway.



Monster Hunter: World releases in early 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC release will follow at a later date.

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