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Monster Hunter: World Shares Details On Its Community Cirlces And Multiplayer Gathering Features



Capcom shared the latest on Monster Hunter: World with information on community “Circles” where up to 50 members can join as well as various online multiplayer options for the Gathering Area, and more.


On the deck of the ship there’s a tavern facility called the “Star’s Ship” where up to 16 players from the gathering area can communicate and set up hunts. Similar to previous Monster Hunter games, you can arm wrestle against others. Other than some parts, all facilities of the gathering area is available offline.



Here are some of the things you can do at the tavern:

  • Arena Counter/Quest Counter: Accept various quests. Participate in an Arena Quest.
  • Circle Management: Reception for managing your Community Circle.
  • Notice Board: Shows login bonuses, topics, and more.
  • Dining Area/My House/Gathering Area Supplies



At the Quest Counter, there are various objectives such as monster hunting and more. You’ll advance through the story by completing missions and can freely take on other quests that appear while doing so. After unlocking the Gathering Area, you’ll be able to do most quests (other than certain quests) in single and multiplayer modes.



By clearing missions you’ll advance through the story and unlock Research Commission HQ facilities and also expand on the expeditions.


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You can take Free Quests increase by meeting requirements like clearing quests from Research Commission HQ characters or other supporting characters of the HQ, or through missions. These can be taken as many times as you want, and there will also be limited time event quests such as Research Quests and more.


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You can go on a quest or expedition with four players from the 16 in the Gathering Area for multiplayer action. You can join in most quests at any time, but keep in mind that if you join after a certain time it won’t count as a clear and you won’t get rewards. However, you do get to keep materials from monsters or from things you gathered. You can also get items from destroying parts of monsters.




Arena Quests have limited time Challenge Quests. Challenge Quests show world ranking, so you can use



Monster Hunter: World has a in-game community invitation system called Circle. Here’s more about Circles:

  • Gathering Area made for members in a Circle
  • Each player can be a part of up to 8 Circles
  • A Circle can have up to 50 members
  • Members can also leave confirmation messages for each other


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You can change a Circle’s name, symbol icon, message, and more for Circles you’ve established, or you can simply join another Circle that has the same objective you’re looking to participate in. Members of a circle have an icon (only in the Gathering Area) at the start of their names, and also get an icon and Circle name shown on their Guild Cards.



There are various ways to match with other players using the Gathering Area network functions. You can choose to join at random or look for a Gathering Area using specifics. Again, you can join Gathering Areas with ID codes or through a history of other players you’ve played with.


Here are specific settings used when making your own Gathering Area, which can be used for players looking to join:

  • Player level preference
  • Quest preference
  • Hunter Rank preference
  • Language preference


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Keep in mind that you can set rooms to be private for you and your friends from ID codes or friend invites.




Lastly, here’s a look at the Training Area. This is a facility that lets you try out various weapon actions by hitting objects such as barrels. The area offers an item box to change weapons as well. There’s even a training option that displays combos and commands.




The Training Area lets you try out all ammunition and phials available for your equipped weapon. Since it doesn’t consume any of these items, you can use them as much as you want for practice. This is also a good place to test out your Slinger. The Training Area is accessible from the My House’s room service.


Monster Hunter: World releases on January 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version will arrive later. PS Plus subscribers will get to try out the game earlier in a closed beta that starts on December 9.

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