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Monster Hunter: World Shows Off Several Mantles, Houses, And Pets


mhw neko

The official Twitter page for Monster Hunter: World released new information on what other features have been added to the game, including upgrading houses, pets, and a new buffing move for Palicoes.


The ‘Instrument of Encouragement’, shown above, is a new Palico item that buffs attack strength and elemental resistances while it is being played. New songs appear as proficiency with the instrument increases. Palico items each have proficiency levels that slowly go up every time a Palico sorties with it equipped, and boasts stronger effects with higher proficiency.


mhw hp mantle mhw hp mantle 2

mhw fudou mantle

The Health Mantle is a coat that is able to absorb one full health gauge’s worth of damage, after which it will stop working. The mantle’s effect can be seen on the top left of these screenshots. Meanwhile, the Knockback Mantle is shown negating the knockback from the monster’s attack, although the Hunter likely takes the same amount of damage.


These types of special equipment have specialized effects and are used similar to items. There is cooldown between uses, so Hunters will need to choose the right time to use them.


mhw house

The Hunter’s House is a place where your Hunter can rest and save, as well as use the returning Room Service feature, and manage your Palicoes. New to Monster Hunter: World is that you can move to different houses based on your progress in the game, which have different grades. The house shown is a Grade 2 House.


mhw environmental creaturesmhw environmental creatures 2

Finally, the ‘Pet’ feature was shown off, where you can capture small environmental creatures and let them out at your home, keeping them as pets. Different grade houses can keep different amounts and types of pets.


Monster Hunter: World will be released on January 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the PC version arriving later. PS Plus subscribers will get to try out the game earlier in a closed beta that starts on December 9.

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