Monster Hunter World Ultrawide Support, Vignette Effects Options, and Push-To-Talk Added On PCs


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A whole host of additions and changes have come to the PC version of Monster Hunter: World on January 22, 2019. There’s a whole new aspect ratio available, you can decide what kind of vignette effects you want to see, voice chat has received a push-to-talk option, and lots of bugs have been squashed.


The Monster Hunter: World Ultrawide aspect ratio will give people a whole new viewpoint, should they have an ultrawide monitor. Going into Options and Display will allow people to swap to 21:9. The whole game can then be seen in Ultrawide, though not all cutscenes support it. UI adjustment has appeared as an option, now that this new aspect ratio is around, so people can choose where the UI will appear.


Likewise, the other new Monster Hunter: World additions give people more options. In the Options’ Audio portion, you can choose a push-to-talk option when communicating with other players. Simplified Chinese is the latest language to be added. (Traditional Chinese was already available.) Also, when you head to adjust vignette effects, you can turn them off, leave them as normal, or set them to appear higher than normal.


Here are all the Monster Hunter: World 5.1 patch notes for the PC version from Steam. They were so big, they were split into three parts


Major New Features/Design Changes:

– Ultrawide (21:9) support added.
You can adjust your settings by navigating to the Aspect Ratio settings found in the Display category of the title screen’s Options menu.
Note: Most custscenes support Ultrawide, however some cutscenes are not supported. In addition, to coincide with ultrawide support, we’ve also added a UI adjustment feature to the options menu that will let you adjust the position of the UI.
– Vignette Effects options can now be set to High, Normal, or Off.
We’ve tweaked this feature so that you may set the strength of the effect instead of simply turning it on or off. Setting vignette effects to Normal will be the same as turning them on in previous versions, while selecting High will make the effect stronger.
Note: Setting vignette effects to High can help reduce simulation sickness when playing in ultrawide mode.
– Support for Simplified Chinese added.
You can change languages in the Language category of the title screen’s Options menu.
– Push-to-Talk voice chat option added.
Press a designated key to enable voice chat with this feature. You can set Push-to-Talk on from the Audio category found in the Options menu. You can set which key enables voice chat by setting up your keyboard in the Menu Controls menu. To adjust voice chat volume, please go to the Audio category found in the Options menu and adjust your Voice Chat Volume settings.

Combat Bug Fixes:

– Sword & Shield
Fixed a bug where, if the player fired their slinger with the weapon drawn and tried to fire one more time during the second half of the animation, the animation would not cancel and the second slinger shot would not come out.
– Hunting Horn
Fixed a bug where a music note would not stock if the player tried a jumping draw attack off a ledge with the Y button with slinger ammo loaded.
Fixed a UI bug where, if the player performed attacks in a specific order with the Empress Roar "Blaze" hunting horn, the "All Melody Effects Extended" message would appear even if the effects weren’t extended.
– Charge Blade
Fixed a bug where the visuals and sound effects for the charge blade’s Charged Double Slash didn’t match up depending on the combo route. It has been fixed so that the visuals and sound effects match up regardless of the combo route.
– Lance
Fixed a bug where pressing the right trigger + the B button after a Finishing Twin Thrust from a sliding charge would result in a High Thrust. This has been fixed so that it matches the attack flow of a regular charge into a Finishing Twin Thrust, so that a counter thrust now comes out instead.
Fixed a bug where, after performing a Mid Thrust upon landing from an Advancing Jump Thrust, the button guide would display Mid Thrust I instead of the proper name Mid Thrust II.
Fixed a bug where the game would perform a Guard Dash forward regardless of the direction the left stick is being pressed, if the right trigger and the Y button were pressed at the same time. This has been fixed so that even if the button inputs are slightly off, the Guard Dash will be performed in the direction the left stick is being pressed.
– Light Bowgun/Heavy Bowgun
Fixed a bug for both bowgun types where draw attack skills would not activate if you perform a Jumping Reload draw attack when your ammo is not full.

Other Fixes:

A bug existed in the Behemoth-related quests, where due to differences in terrain height, hiding behind a comet when Behemoth summons Ecliptic Meteor would not work. A counter-measure has been applied so that hiding behind a meteor will result in the player being recognized as close to the same height level. (This is not 100% guaranteed to work.)
Fixed a bug where players would immediately be spotted by a monster during special arena quests if players left at the same time while network or console differences existed between the players.
Fixed a bug where, if the Ghillie Mantle is selected in the item window when running out of any other item, the item window cursor would move one spot to the left without player input.
Fixed a bug where, if HUD settings are set to "Off", the One Key Shortcut Radial Menu would not display when the Radial Menu Type is set to "Keyboard".
Fixed a bug where, if the Max LOD Level is set to [-1], the Moogle graphics in the quest "A Visitor from Eorzea" would appear broken.
Fixed a bug where, after loading save data for the first time, the Button Guide would appear in a different location for an instant when the Wishlist screen is displayed.
Fixed a bug where, when opening the wildlife map for the first time in the Ancient Forest, Area 16 would appear on the map regardless of whether the player has reached the area or not.
Fixed a bug where players were not able to navigate the advanced graphics settings with the left stick on their game pad.
Fixed a bug where, when opening the Voice Chat Member List via certain game pad controls, some controls would become unresponsive when trying to use the keyboard or mouse.
Fixed a bug where mouse sensitivity would differ when standing or crouching while using Binoculars.
Fixed a bug where, after the quest result screen, the online session would sometimes continue even if a guest is disconnected while loading.
Fixed a bug where, if forging armor at the Smithy, certain cursor movements would be unresponsive when moving from set name to set name.
Fixed a bug where, if using keyboard and mouse controls, the mouse cursor would not remain as an arrow when hovered over unselectable menu items.
Fixed a bug where, if using keyboard controls, the slinger reticle would sometimes not display when climbing ivy, etc.
Other minor bug fixes.

Localization Bug Fixes:

English, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Arabic
Fixed an inconsistency in the Palico’s Deviljho series name.
Deviljho α

Deviljho Set α
Brazilian Portuguese
Deviljho α

Conjunto Deviljho α
Deviljho α

Zestaw Deviljho α
α ديفيلجو

α مجموعة ديفيلجو
English, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Arabic
Fixed an inconsistency in the naming of the Teostra, Lunastra, and Kushala Daora armor series for both Hunter and Palico.
English (Palico)

Russian (Palico)

Brazilian Portuguese (Palico)

Polish (Hunter)

Polish (Palico)

Arabic (Palico)

Fixed a text bug in Russian that displayed some bowgun recoil suppressor effects as one stage lower.
Recoil Suppression: High

Recoil Suppression: Very High

Очень высок.
A bug has been fixed where editing a shoutout over 34 characters resulted in the latter half of the message disappearing. The translations have been updated to the following:
・When firing a Dung Pod
Выстрел навозом!
・When planting a Health Booster
Усиление здоровья!
・When planting a Cleanser Booster
Усиление чистоты!
・When planting an Affinity Booster
Усиление мастерства!
With the exception of the torso parts, the Kulve Taroth alpha and beta armor names were all the same, so they have been retranslated. If you have a Kulve Taroth armor piece equipped, please note that it has not disappeared, but has simply been renamed.
Before update:
①α غضب كولف تاروث
②β غضب كولف تاروث
③α غضب كولف تاروث
④β غضب كولف تاروث
⑤α غضب كولف تاروث
⑥β غضب كولف تاروث
⑦α غضب كولف تاروث
⑧β غضب كولف تاروث
After update:
①α غيظ كولف تاروث
②β غيظ كولف تاروث
③α غضب كولف تاروث
④β غضب كولف تاروث
⑤α انفعال كولف تاروث
⑥β انفعال كولف تاروث
⑦α سخط كولف تاروث
⑧β سخط كولف تاروث
Traditional Chinese
The Xeno’jiiva armor parts and set name did not include the monster name, so they have been retranslated to contain the name of the monster. If you have a Xeno’jiiva armor piece equipped, please note that it has not disappeared, but has simply been renamed.

Updated names (α will be replaced with β and γ in their respective sets)
Armor set name
Armor piece names
A term in the description for the Smoke Charm was corrected.
堤升 → 能夠提升


The latest version of MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD is revision number 165889.
You can verify the version number in the top-left corner when you launch the game
in windowed mode.
Keep in mind that you can only match with other players who have the same update
version as you.


Monster Hunter: World is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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