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Monster Hunter X Adds Tigrex, Zinogre, Brachydios To The Mix With Other New Monsters



Monster Hunter X is an upcoming title from the series that adds new flashy moves and more action maneuvers to the hunt. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine updates us on the latest with new details on monsters, Palicos, and a new area.



The above is a look at the the Brute Wyvern-type monster that is named Dinobaruto. It’s one of the four main monsters revealed for Monster Hunter X.


Dinobaruto uses its giant powerful tail as a great sword to slash up its enemies. It also has explosive fire attributes to its tail, so you’ll want to make sure you’re not too weak against fire while fighting these guys.


Additionally, main monsters from past Monster Hunter games will make a reappearance in Monster Hunter X. Some of these have been revealed as Zinogre, Tigrex, Brachydios, and Rathalos.



The above is a look at the new field called “Ancient Forest”. It has its own ecosystem with all kinds of unexplored areas to it.



The Rimosetosu are calm herbivores. They use their long necks to eat fruits found in higher areas, and make characteristic sounds from the back of their heads.



The above image shows the new Bird Wyvern called the Great Maccau. Maccaus feature red and green colors with powerful hind legs. They tend to attack in packs, so you’ll want to be careful when you find yourself near a bunch of them.


As for the Great Maccau, they’re the leaders of the pack, and similar to the other Wyverns of their type, they’re the larger alphas of the group. They have movements unlike any we’ve seen before.


In Monster Hunter X, Palicoes will return with even more useful support moves. Their “Trampoline Skill” brings out trampolines on the field, which you can use to perform jump attacks.


The “Cat-type Vitality Pot Skill” is a pot they bring out onto the field that provides a variety of buffs and effects to the Hunters. The “Headlong Cat Skill” is a flashy move that has them launch themselves into the monsters.


Additionally, there are other moves of theirs that can heal the party, increase defense of allies, and do major damage to monsters.


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In Verna Village, you’ll encounter all kinds of other cats. The “Felyne Plaza” is where you’ll go to employ and raise Palicoes, with various activities for them. There’s a “Cat Girl” for providing services to the Palicoes, in addition to the “Palico Dojo,” where you’ll train your furry buddies.


There’s also the “Mon-nyan Unit” for special quests, and the fluffy “Muufa” that you can pet to bring out hearts, similar to other pet monsters in previous games, and a Felyne that provides all kinds of items from faraway areas.



As previously revealed, Monster Hunter X will feature villages from past Monster Hunter games. They’re also bringing back fields from the respective regions, like the Forest and Hills, Snowy Mountains, Misty Peaks, and more.


Monster Hunter X will release in Japan sometime in Winter 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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