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Monster Hunter X: Details On New Monsters, Areas, And Actions



Monster Hunter X will bring new elements to the hunt, with flashy special moves called “Hunting Arts” and new actions called “Hunting Styles”. The official website provides us with a look at some more screenshots, and we also have some extra details from this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.



As seen in the trailer, the above are the four main monsters that Hunters will encounter in Monster Hunter X.



The first is a Brute Wyvern-type monster that uses its sharp shell with overwhelming force, and its long tail to destroy its surroundings. This monster might even be one of the most powerful of Brute Wyverns we’ve yet to see.



This Flying Wyvern has giant elegant wings, a characteristic crest, and sharp scales. This Flying Wyvern looks like it could be one of the more menacing ones out there.



The Fanged Beast monster is the largest of all four main monsters. It is characterized by its head, giant tusks, long trunk, and its destructive force that comes with its giant body.



The Leviathan-type has a fascinating body, and it will use its unique shape and flexibility to attack Hunters.


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The above is a look at some concept art for the four main monsters.



We now know that the special attacks that were shown in the video are called “Hunting Arts” in their localized form. These Hunting Arts vary per weapon. Some may do massive damage to enemies, or provide you with buffs, or heal those around you.



Players will get to choose from four types (that we know of thus far) of “Hunting Styles” as another new feature. Some of them will involve maneuvers that take you to safety, while others can turn the tables, converting dangerous moments into advantageous situations.



As previously reported, you’ll get to visit villages from past Monster Hunter titles. The new one in Monster Hunter X is called “Verna Village”.


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The concept art for Verna Village gives us an idea on what kind of area it’ll be, along with a look at some of the characters we’ll meet. There’s even what looks like a giant Palico. The new fields involve forests, forests with huge plants, grassy plains, caves, and more.



Additionally, Monster Hunter X will feature the same 14 weapons that are in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


Monster Hunter X will release in Japan sometime in Winter 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. The game’s development is currently 60% complete.

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