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Monster Hunter X Footage Demonstrates Different Weapons And Hunting Styles



The upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Monster Hunter X introduces a new concept to the series in the form of “Hunting Styles,” a system where each weapon possesses four unique movesets. To watch the various movesets in action, you can check out the gameplay video by Gaijin Hunter below. The player prominently utilizes the Charge Blade in the video, but he does also use the Bow, Dual Blades, and Hammer, as well.


The first of the Hunting Styles is called Guild Style. It is the standard, most-balanced hunting style used in all Monster Hunter games.


Aerial Style allows the player to leap into the air whenever they evade into a creature of any kind, such as monster or other hunters, or items such as bombs. While this Hunting Style grants new attacks whilst airborne, it is at the cost of a few grounded attacks.


The third Hunting Style is called Bushido Style. When a player evades at the split second right before being hit by an attack, they perform a leap that covers substantial distance, as well as have the ability to land a powerful counterattack and combos as soon as the leap ends.


Lastly, Striker Style is an attack-minded style that changes up your combos and speed for charge attacks.


Monster Hunter X will release for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 28th, 2015.

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