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Monster Hunter X Gets Kirimi-chan Collaboration, Star Fox, Zelda, And Metroid Tomorrow



Monster Hunter X got its recently collaboration event with the Sanrio salmon fillet mascot Kirimi-chan, and the official website also revealed the release dates for the upcoming collaborations with Star Fox and Metroid.


For starters, the Kirimi-chan collaboration release on New Year’s Day and will be available until February 14, 2016. The event titled “Sanrio: Save the Fish!” will get you a Palico armor set along with a Guild Card background and title.


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Players will get to score a Star Fox background, “Arwing,” “Landmaster,” and “ Hired Flying Corps” title. It’ll also include a a Fox Palico, along with a Palico Skill called “Landmaster Skill.”


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The Legend of Zelda is also getting a piece of the collaboration action with its own background along with an “Item Get” pose for the guild card. It’ll come with titles of “Tri-Force,” “Zelda,” “Heart Container,” “Legend,” and “Rupee,” as well as a “Zelda” Palico.


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Last but not least, is the Metroid collaboration event. This one includes a Metroid background and “Beam Shot” pose for the guild card. It includes the following titles of “Metro,” “Roid,” “Living Organism,” “Powered,” and “Planet,” along with a Samus Palico.


The three collaboration events will begin on January 5, 2016 and will be available via download at 7-Eleven stores in Japan. The event will carry on through February 9, 2016.


Monster Hunter X is currently available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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