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Monster Hunter X Gets Mega Man And Square Enix Collaborations



Monster Hunter X is getting some more collaborations soon, including one for Mega Man and another with Square Enix. The official website shows us more from what was announced at Monster Hunter Festa 2016.



The Mega Man collaboration features an event called “The Yellow Demon,” similar to the one we saw for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It features the “Rock Hammer” weapon and “Rocknyan” series of armor for your Palico. The content will be available on February 25, which is also the day Mega Man Legacy Collection releases in Japan.


Here’s a look at a trailer showcasing the collaboration:



Next up is one for Square Enix:



The Square Enix collaboration will be available earlier on January 15, where players will get to take on the event quest named “Illusionary Tale: The Vanguard’s Steel of Malice” to fight Kushala Daora in order to get some Palico gear with the “Nyaight Sword” and “Nyaight” series Palico armor. It’ll also feature the “Bahamut” Palico.


Monster Hunter X is currently available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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