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Monster Hunter X Introduces Raizex The Flying Thunder Wyvern



    Monster Hunter X has not one but four main cover monsters. While we’ve already seen the Fanged Beast monster Gamut and the Brute Wyvern Dinobaruto, the official website introduces us to a new one with the Flying Wyvern called Raizex.



    Raizex is said to have a violent personality, and judging by the above screenshot, it looks like it’ll be like some kind of ferocious three-way love child between a Tigrex, Zinogre, and Rathalos.


    The Raizex is extremely territorial, and will try to kill off any trespassers with everything it’s got. Due to its electric organs inside its body, the Raizex is also known as the “Thunder Wyvern,” and can even charge its with an “Electric Charge State,” which increases its power and range of attacks.


    Here are some of its known attacks:



    • Crest Attack: an attack that hits with the Raizex’s crest located on its head. During an Electric Charge State, it becomes more like a blade and does even more damage.



    • Claw Wing Attack: uses its extremely developed claws on their wings to shred its prey.



    • Lightning Attack: a breath attack that shoots out two powerful lightning bolts.



    • Tail Attack: thrusts with its sharp and long tail. During an Electric Charge State it gets more power and discharges electricity.


    • Electric Charge State: its crest, wings, and tail gets charged with electricity and increases the damage and range of its attacks. The Raizex also has attacks that can only be done while in this state.




    Additionally, this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine confirms that Lagiacrus, Blangonga, and the Shogun Ceanataur will be in Monster Hunter X.


    Here’s a look at two other characters:




    The head chef of the “Felyne Bistro” kitchen. He’ll cook things like fondue made from homemade cheese, and other foods to provide you with buffs.





    Following the Poogie is the new pet called Fenny. You’ll get to dress it up, carry it around, and take naps with it.


    Monster Hunter X will release in Japan on November 28, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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