Monster Hunter X Video Shows How You Can Play As Felynes In “Nyanter Mode”

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As previously reported, Monster Hunter X introduces a new mode called “Nyanter Mode” that lets you play as a Felyne. Capcom’s latest video for the game shows us what it’s like to be a Felyne in the world of Monster Hunter.


Up until now, the friendly Felynes have been there for you as Palicoes, and this time they’ll get to have their opportunity to be their own Hunters, er Nyanters, rather.


While in Nyanter Mode, you can take control of them to go on quests just like a regular Hunter. So that means they can go gathering, exploring, or even on quests to fight monsters.


Additionally, you’ll get to play in Nyanter Mode while other players play as Hunters. So that means you can join three other Hunters on a quest and join them as a Nyanter Felyne.


While playing as a Felyne, you’ll get to throw boomerangs and other Felyne features. They can gather at about double the speed as Hunters, and can also dig down. While digging, you won’t be able to attack enemies but you can use it to prevent getting hit, since being below the ground means taking no hits or damage.



The acorns shown on the top-left of the screen can be consumed whenever a Felyne gets KO’d, and doing so will allow them to revive. Think of it as an extra pair of lives.


The Nyanters aren’t as strong as Hunters, but you can use all of their abilities such as the healing flutes, Shock Traps, or even some of their newer abilities like the Trampoline, shown at the 4:40 mark of the video. And yes, Felynes can also mount monsters by using jump attacks.


While you can go Nyanter Mode and join your Hunter friends on quests, there will also be quests that you can only do as Nyanters, so you can look forward to that as well.


Monster Hunter X will release in Japan on November 28, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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