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Monster Hunter X’s New Moves From The Great Sword, Hammer, And Other Weapons



Monster Hunter X runs on the same engine as Monster Hunter 4, but it brings flashy moves with Hunting Arts and unique characteristics with Hunting Styles. The latest series of videos demonstrates what the weapons are like in the upcoming 3DS title.


The Great Sword is as powerful as ever in Monster Hunter X. The Guild Style lets you play it as you did in conventional Monster Hunter titles. The Aerial Style lets you bust out powerful hits while jumping, and it makes it useful for climbing onto the monster’s back. Their Hunting Art increase the damage output for the next hit.


The Long Sword shows us its Guild and Aerial Styles, followed by a look at their Hunting Arts, which temporarily stops its meter from decreasing, allowing you to go all out for a short while.


The Sword and Shield’s Guild Style will let you play it the way you did in Monster Hunter 4 and other past titles by allowing you to use items while the weapon is out. Its Hunting Skill called “Round Force” is an interesting one that hits enemies around you while being invulnerable to hits during the attack.


The Dual Blades’ Aerial Style allows them to fly up in the air while landing with multiple hits on the monster using its speedy moves. Their Hunting Arts gives them a powerful move that will also help as a new maneuver that lets them continue moving forward while performing multiple hits on the monster.


Hunting Horns bring the best of both worlds with great blunt damage and various effects with its tunes. Its Hunting Arts launches a powerful sound attack that damages the enemy nearby. Hmm, I wonder if it’ll work as a Sonic Bomb replacement…


Last but not least, is the mighty Hammer. In Monster Hunter X, they’ll be able to stun better than ever using the Aerial Style to hit from above. Their “Spinning Meteor” will have Hammer-users swing it around in circles for what could possibly be the strongest attack in the game.


Monster Hunter X will release in Japan on November 28, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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