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Monster Hunter XX Gets A New Trailer, More Details On Its New “Renkin Style”



Capcom shared a new trailer for Monster Hunter XX, with a closer look at some of its fearsome monsters as well as some additional details on the new “Renkin Style” that can create unique items. [Thanks, Hachima.]


First, here are monsters with special names that we’ll see in Monster Hunter XX

  • Ouma Diablos
  • Scorching Blade Glavenus
  • Silver-Tipped Gammoth
  • Clairvoyant Mizutsune
  • Azure Electric Master Astalos



Congalala took a short break after Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but he’ll be back in Monster Hunter XX as one of the new returning monsters.


Here are some details on the new “Renkin Style” that is introduced in Monster Hunter XX:

  • Renkin Style is a different kind of Hunting Style that focuses more on support.


  • You use a special Alchemy Barrel in order to create “Alchemy Items.” You can have up to five items created by alchemy.


  • The Alchemy Barrel is selected and used from the item menu. It doesn’t go in your item pouch.


  • When your Alchemy Gauge fills up, you’ll get to create something with the Alchemy Barrel, which can have up to five stocks.


Here are examples of items you can only make through Renkin Style:

  • Renkin Food: Maxes out your stamina. This item has the lowest delay than other food-type items.


  • Renkin Hunter Arts Whetstone: Recovers sharpness and temporarily makes your Hunting Gauge fill up at a greater rate.


  • Renkin Hunter Arts Bullet: A special bullet for Bowguns. When you land a hit, it greatly fills up the Hunting Arts gauge.


  • Renkin Hunter Arts Bottle: A special bottle for Bows. When you land a hit, it greatly fills up the Hunting Arts gauge.


  • Renkin Immunizer: Temporarily increases HP over time. It has less delay than other food-type items.


  • Renkin Sonic Bomb: Shoots out high frequency that smaller monsters and some large monsters are weak against.


  • Renkin Earplug: A consumable item that protects you from the roar of a large monster once.


  • Renkin Speed Medicine: By swiftly shaking up your Alchemy Barrel, you’ll increase the compounding speed.


  • Renkin Slick: By mixing certain types of items together, you’ll increase the amount of said item.


  • Renkin Bazooka: An explosive item that can be launched out of the Alchemy Barrel.


  • Renkin Spirit Ball: Increases Hunter Art Gauges of nearby allies.


  • Renkin Healing Barrel: Removes status ailments and recovers health of nearby allies.


Monster Hunter XX releases in Japan on March 18, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS.

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