Monster Rancher 2 Trailer Gives Us a Look at the Enhanced Port for Switch and Smartphones

Monster Rancher 2 Port for Switch and smartphones trailer

Koei Tecmo released the debut trailer for the upcoming enhanced Monster Rancher 2 port that was announced for Switch and smartphones.

Check out the first trailer for the Monster Rancher 2 port below:

Prior to the development of the new Monster Rancher 2 port, Koei Tecmo asked fans if they would like to see the classic monster-raising sequel get a similar treatment as the first game port. In addition to the +400 monsters, the developers are working on various adjustments and improvements based on fan feedback.

Moreover, the new port will include the Sony PocketStation mini-game that was only available in the original game for those who owned the peripheral. In the original, players were able to download monsters into PocketStations to have them go out and perform part-time jobs. It simply required players to match two numbers and press the right key depending on the math.

Koei Tecmo also asked fans to submit CD database suggestions. Similar to the port of the first game, Monster Rancher 2 will use a CD database instead of actual CDs to get monsters. So they’re basically asking fans in Japan to share which monsters they’d like to see come from which CDs. As previously mentioned, the game will feature 400 species of monsters to raise, with over 200 being new species, so there’s plenty to work with there.

Monster Rancher 2 will release for the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in Japan in Fall 2020. The game originally released for the PlayStation in February 1999.

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