Monsters & Monocles Brings Barmy Steampunk Shootery To PS4

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Three-person studio Retro Dreamer is bringing its Victorian steampunk themed twin-stick shooter Monsters & Monocles to PlayStation 4.


The story goes that a naive occult leader unleashed a force of evil upon the world and so a team of paranormal investigators try to vanquish it.


The result is a frantic, procedurally generated romp across a steampunk world, with each level getting unique enemy placement, traps, secrets, and objectives every time you play.


Monsters & Monocles is also highly silly. One of the characters you can play as is called Baron von Dogface and is a well-dressed dog wearing a smoking jacket. There’s also a crumpet cannon – “a steampunk toaster that fires weaponized crumpets.” And the airship in which you gear up before each level is called the HMS Scone (unfortunately it’s not an actual scone).


The game supports up to four players playing locally or online. You’ll share a pool of lives between you so it’s paramount that you stick together and watch each other’s back as you take on the demonic chimney sweeps and cyclops skulls.


Oh, and one that thing worth mentioning, the game’s soundtrack is being composed by HyperDuck SoundWorks, who previously worked on Dust: An Elysian Tail, Scrolls, and Cosmic Star Heroine.

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