Montaro Takes The Doge Meme And Runs With It




Montaro is a side-scrolling, casual runner game on Steam that embodies the “doge” meme. Players guide a frisky Shiba Inu on his run through town, taking care to avoid classic obstacles like banana peels and potholes.


Montaro the Game


Street levels are generated randomly in Montaro. During his runs through town, the dog requires delicate undergarments for protection from banana peels. They can be snatched from unsuspecting schoolgirls on the street, and they function similar to traditional lives or hearts. Chickens flash mob the streets and temporarily block the way. Potholes, a cat with a refrigerator, and other obstacles instantly end your run.


While running about, players can collect Doge Coins to unlock over eight costumes that appear to pay homage to other memes. Some of the costumes include a “courage wolf” outfit, a “peanut butter jelly time” banana costume, and even an empty cat food cardboard box that just might do Solid Snake proud.


Montaro Costumes


Montaro supports eight different languages, and is now available on Steam.