Moral And Logical Dilemmas Await On Every One Of The Captain’s Planets



Adventure/strategy game The Captain lets players plot their own path through an open galaxy filled with alien races, unexplored planets, and hostile space pirates as they try to find a way home.




Players will be given the entire galaxy to explore when they begin The Captain. Their main task is to reach home at the other end, but they are free to take whatever route they choose to get there, factoring in distance and speed to know how many resources they will need, and how likely they are to run into dangers, along the way.




Travelling also takes time, during which players will be able to research technologies, improve their ship and weaponry, or just get to know their crew. This crew can be composed of hired mercenaries, beings met while exploring alien planets, and other people met along the journey. The player’s relationships with the crew, and the crew’s friendships with each other, will have effects on the journey home.




The galaxy is filled with mini-events – adventure game like segments – that occur on planets and while travelling. These events will form the unique story of the player’s adventure, letting them make difficult decisions between factions and in combat, testing the player with moral and logical dilemmas. These events will have lasting effects on future game events, but can be replayed to try different outcomes later.



The Captain is raising funding through Kickstarter, with a demo of the first 40-50 minutes of the game also available on its crowdfunding page.

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